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Character library pipeline

create custom characters


Using Daz Studio as a platform for customizing your models, you can make virtually any type of characters.  Advanced options allows you to customize even further in zbrush, blender or maya for higher quality customization!

facial mocap ready


Using iphonex or 11 with it's depth camera you can easily capture facial mocap and transfer to our custom characters created by you or bought from our morph library.  Set up is very easy and you will be watching your character come to life in minutes!

facial animation GUI/Rigging


For those of you who wants to finesse and add handkey tweakes to your base facial animations, we have a GUI setup that comes with the basic package which will allow you to tweak and add handkey additional facial motions!

Advanced Expression/lipsync


For easily adding expressions to the base animation, we have Expression boxes that are specialized for different emotions (angry, sad, happy, shocked, annoyed, etc). These expression boxes along with onface jointbased controllers and Visime tools will allow you easily improve your facial animation even more!

HD Wrinkle system


HD wrinkle geomietry are made from subdivision level 3 for higher level detail of the facial expressions (which affects the basic facial mocap).  It also has extra controls for advanced HD wrinkles and expressions based on scanned real life data.   It's trully amazing!

Hair/Clothing/Mocap LIbrary


Polygon hairs, xgen/ornatrix/shave groomed true spline hairs that are transferrable and simulation ready are ready for application in our hair library.

Additional clothing are also being added regularly for a robust library of clothing.


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